Motorcycles are single tracked engine powered vehicles. They vary in many styles and sizes occording to individual needs. In many parts of the world they are the most cost effective and affordable way to travel. There are approximately over 200 millions motorcycles world wide. 58% of them are located in Asia. The first motorcycle was created by an American named Sylvester Howard Roper (1823-1896). It was a two-cylinder, steam-engine motorcycle powered by coal in 1867. Howard Roper also invented a steam engine car.

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Madison Square Gardens

On June 25, located at Madison Square Gardens there will be a race for qualified participants. If you are an experienced rider and want to show that you have what it takes please come and qualifiy. Once you have qualified you will participate in competing against many other riders who have come from all over. There will be different competitions to compete in please read the following for more details.

Speed Competition
Paricipants will be asked to challenge others. Speed is all that matters. You will have only a quarter of a mile to get your bike up to its potential speed and hopefully beat the competitors. This will be on June 25, at 11:00am sharp. So don't be late. Don't forget there is no speed limit here!

This competition intells one's ability to demonstrate total control of his or here vehicle. You will have 3 chances to complete an obstacle course. The course is very difficult and many riders fail to compete this competition. So don't forget that for this competition speed is not as important as control and agility.


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Police Vehicles

Police motorcycles are used by various governments for law enforcement world wide. Some law enforcement agencies value the motorcycle greatly do to its maneuverability throughout the crowded streets and its ability to allow traffic flow to continue when there is a need for them to stop and monitor accident scenes.

Most of the motorcycles used in both the US and Canada are purpose-built motorcycles designed and made by Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Honda and BMW. In the UK the most popular motorcycles are the BMW R1200RT and Yamaha FJR1300. Some officers within the UK also tend to use scooters as well for areas such as parking lots and shopping centers. In 2008, BMW had claimed to be the largest supplier of motorcycles for lawenforcement world wide. They had also claimed that over 100,000 motorcycles were in use internationally for lawenforcement.




The sizes of scooters are much smaller than motorcycles. All of their engine ware is actually inside the bodywork which makes it much quieter than motorcycles. Because they have automatic clutches they are much easier when learning to ride verses motorcycles. The overall frame is smaller as well as the tires which makes the scooter much lighter and easier to control and manage.

are a type of scooter which descend from the original Honda Super Cub. Compared to the scooter they are slighty larger in size and so are their wheels. They also require you to use footpegs unlike the scooter which has a simple floorboard. Although underbone is still liked by many the scooter has become more popular.


Off Road

Off-Road Vehicles

There are many different types of off-road motorbikes. They are also called dirt bikes. They are designed especially for off-road events. They are made with strong suspensions, shocks and the tires are made with more tread. These motorbikes have lighter frames, long and high ground clearance and the frames are very durable allowing for easy recovery after mishaps. The size of the tanks are only 2 gallons which makes them very light weight. Because of the nature and the design of the dirt bike and the activities for which it is used for it has made it extremely popular as a recreation vehicle but extremely dangerous as well.




The design of the cruisers are based off of the earlier American designs from the 1930's to the early 1960's. These designs originated from famous makers such as Harley-Davidson, Indian and Excelsior-Henderson. The style for this type of motorcycle requires the rider to place his feet forward and his or her hands are relatively high.

This allows for the spine to lean back slightly. Compared to other types of motorcycles this is relatively the most comfortable when riding for long distances. The only draw-back is that because of the position of the rider and the design of the bike it is not capable of making sharp turns at the same rate of speeds as other motorcycles.



Standard Types

Standard motorcycles are an enhanced version of the street styled motorcycle. They are designed primarily by their upright riding position, not forcing the rider to lean to far back like the cruisers and not too far forward like the sport bikes. The foot pegs are below the rider not too high or too low to the ground. These types of motorcycles are recommended for the beginner rider becauseof its moderate engine size, its flexibility and low cost.

The term standard is a synonym for naked bike. A term which became popular in the 1990's in response to the proliferation of fully-faired sport bikes. These days the standard motorcycle is not as popular as the other syles but can still be purchased.